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Santa Cristina - Testimonials


Dear Grace,

I am convinced that I now have a lifetime of indebtedness to Rob for the referral to you and your villa Santa Cristina. This has been our fourth trip to Italy, and by far, the most enjoyable. There are not enough adjectives to describe your villa and the view of Todi. We also had near perfect weather. Meeting Stefano Agostini (car rental company and chauffeur service) and his mother and father was an unexpected pleasure and benefit.

I received your e-mail referring us to Roberto, Carlo, and their enoteche Properzio in Spello. Fate was on our side when we did meet Roberto. What a show he put on for us with his display of fine wines! That experience and our visit to Orvieto were maybe the highlights of our day trips.

Again, many thanks for the use of your villa. It is a vacation we will always treasure!

Very best regards,
Hilton Head, South Carolina

Dear Grace,

We had two magical weeks in Todi. Santa Cristina is absolutely a gem, and we loved our time there. The view is incomparable. I have to compliment you on the wonderful decor, all the details, comforts, and the feel which the house itself communicated. Everybody, from family and visiting friends, enjoyed the stay and the loved property. We cannot praise it enough!

Obviously it is a much loved house and we felt priviledged that you shared it with us. Last but not least, Signora Giuseppina and her family were wonderful, very helpful and solicitous. Again, we cannot praise them enough.

And yes, we would definitely like to go back next year for the same weeks in August. We look forward to it.

Grazie e a presto. P.S. Domus Gratia is as beautiful as Santa Cristina, but for our needs the

latter is the perfect fit!

Francesca, NYC, USA

Dear Grace,

We so enjoyed spending time at Santa Cristina that we hope to purchase a home in Umbria. We have just returned from Todi. Would you mind sharing a little information with me?

Thank you for allowing us to spend time in your lovely home.

Plano, Texas